How to Solid Cologne

By |19 October, 2015|

The purpose of solid cologne is to take your favourite scent with you where ever you go, so you can smell like a boss when and where you want. But the big question [...]

How to Beard Balm

By |19 October, 2013|

The purpose of beard balm is to style and shape your beard as you see fit while keeping it's natural look. Your hairs will be soft and you will smell awesome. But [...]

How to Beard Oil

By |19 October, 2013|

Beard oil forms the basis of beard care. It softens the hair, soothes the skin and makes you smell awesome. But the big question seems to be:  How to Beard Oil? It takes [...]

How to Moustache Wax

By |19 October, 2013|

Moustache Wax gives you control over your moustache so you can tame it and style it accordingly. But the big question seems to be: How to Moustache Wax? It takes 3 easy [...]


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