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Pomade with Comb


The first handmade natural pomade from Dutch soil. And it’s epic stuff, we promise. It has a medium to strong hold and lots of shine. And it’s something special, since it”s all natural. Made from wool fat, beeswax and natural oils its very different from these petrol based pomades and a lot better for your hair and skin. We developed this pomade with one of the best barbers in the Netherlands. Barber approved we call this. 80 grams of pure power.

The handmade comb made from neem wood makes your hair softer and your skin more flexible due to the woodens own Nimbidine. It’s antiseptic, desinfecting and nurturing for the scalp. and because its made from wood, your hair won’t become static and this decreases your hairs to brake. It’s just that epic, this comb.

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